Crusoe lands in Swanage

Follow Robinson Crusoe’s intrepid adventures through shipwreck, cannibals and evil Redbeard the Pirate’s attempts to steal his treasure map as he hunts for the treasure on Yum Yum Island.  Also in on the action is Mum, Catherine Zeta Crusoe, his brother, Kevin Columbus, love interest Britney Peveril-Point and Roger, a full-sized Aussie parrot. Comedy comes from Plankton and Guppy, Redbeard’s henchmen. Will Robinson be able to impress Squire Peveril-Point enough for him to win his daughter Britney’s hand in marriage? Will Man Friday, currently on a gap year from Cambridge, be able to persuade Chief Chewemupanspitumoutum and the Witchdoctor Roger Rhinohorn to stop the tribe’s anti-social eating habits so that there is a cast left to perform the pantomime?  Set sail for the Mowlem Theatre, Swanage, and see for yourself on 5-6 and 12-13 January at 7.30 with a matinée at 2.00 on Saturdays.