Laugh? I Nearly Went to Miami

Laugh I Nearly Went to Miami

Tom, an Elvis Presley fanatic, and  his fiancée, Alice, are due to fly to Miami for a big Elvis Convention – but, due to fog at the airport delaying their flight, they have to temporarily head back home. However, on arriving back at Tom’s flat, they find that somehow they have picked up the wrong suitcases at the airport and are now in possession of half a million dollars belonging to a ‘Mr Pintocelli’!

Laugh? I Nearly Went to Miami! is about the confusion and hilarity which arise, involving Tom’s irresponsible brother and his girlfriend, an eccentric aunt and a thug called Frankie, who turns up looking for the cash. Enjoy the play at Bournemouth Little Theatre Club from 9 to 14 April. Ticket information: 01202 513361.