Lovely Lilies on show at Chesil

Lovely Lilies on show at Chesil

They did their bit for the war effort by donning wellington boots and overalls to take on backbreaking farm work. The plucky girls of the Land Army from all different social classes and walks of life were sent to farms to live rough and work hard to replace the men who had joined the forces.

Now their story is told in the next production at the Chesil Theatre.  – Lilies on the Land. Based on letters and interviews with the original Land Girls this play is a revealing, funny and wonderfully moving portraits of these unsung heroines.

How will these young women, deprived of all basic home comforts, deal not only with the hardships of farming life and the pressures of war, but also with being outsiders in new surroundings? Basic accommodation, ice inside the windows, work clothes full of mice, rough hands, out in all weathers brought about a camaraderie which means that looking back they say they would do it all again.

Director Norma York said: ” The Merchant Navy ships which brought in supplies from overseas were at the risk of attack by submarines. It was vital that as much food as possible was grown and reared in this country. This play is a fitting tribute to all those women.”

Lilies on the Land, Devised by the Lions part, appears at the Chesil Theatre, Winchester from May 19th – 26th 2018 (excluding Sunday) 7.45pm

Matinee Saturday 26th 2.30pm

Tickets from £11

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