Murder at the Mowlem

Swanage Drama Company will be performing Murdered to Death at the Mowlem Theatre on 14-16 June at 7.30.

This play is an Agatha Christie-type murder mystery, a spoof whodunit set in an old country manor house in the 1930s. There is a gathering of dysfunctional people renewing their acquaintance with the reasonably rich and rather spoilt widow, Mildred. Mildred’s every whim is attended to by her down-trodden niece, Dorothy, and her butler, the insolent and disrespectful Bunting.  Crusty old Colonel Charles Craddock with a murky past and his caustic, long-suffering wife, Margaret, are the first to arrive, followed by upper-class lady of leisure, Elizabeth Hartley-Trumpington and her associate, Pierre Marceau, the oily art broker who dabbles in forgery. Strangely, as soon as Miss Maple, an elderly, frail busybody, arrives, murder follows in her wake.

Enter Acting Inspector Pratt to solve the case (the proper Inspector has the flu) ably assisted by Constable Thomkins.  There’s a lot to unravel with all the back stories, secrets and motives, let alone forgery, blackmail, adulterous affairs, aliases and a last will and testament.  Are these people all they seem to be?  Luckily, the puffed up, totally inept Inspector Pratt has Constable Thomkins to sort out the clues and also to help him discover what the actual word ‘motive’ means.  Thomkins also comes to realise that an armed Pratt is very dangerous!