She Kills Monsters

Arena Theatre will be holding a read-through (Wednesday 17 January) and audition (Wednesday 24 January) for their December 2018 production of She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen. Both events will take place at Pokesdown Primary School and start at 7.30. Please note that this is for a December production, so will not interfere with any personal plans for Shakespeare auditions at this time of the year.

The story: Agnes Evans discovers that her deceased younger sister, Tilly, played the fantasy game, ‘Dungeons & Dragons’, when she finds a notebook containing a game scenario that Tilly had written. Agnes enlists a ‘dungeon master’ to help her in playing the quest Tilly described. As Agnes does so, she discovers the sister she never really knew.

Everyone is welcome there is no pre-casting and casting is based on merit, not mates.