Snow White


It is the Princess Snow White’s 18th birthday and all at the castle, including her nurse, Dame Doitall, and her friend, Handy Andy, are celebrating with a party. Everyone is happy except Snow White’s evil step-mother, Queen Malevolent, enraged because the Spirit of her Magic Mirror has proclaimed Snow White the ‘fairest in the land’. The Queen plots a wicked scheme to rid the land of her step-daughter, but the dashing Prince Rupert, newly arrived at the court and smitten with Snow White, and the seven dwarfs, befriended by the Princess deep in the forest, have other ideas.

Can good conquer evil? Can true love save the day? Oh yes it can!

Follow the colourful characters of this traditional pantomime from the castle to the woods and back again as Stephen Duckham’s version of the classic Grimms’ fairy tale, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is brought to life with music, comedy and all the magic of the festive season.

Performances at the De La Salle Theatre, St Peter’s School, Southbourne, from 5 to 13 January. Tickets from 28 Cranleigh Close, Southbourne BH6 5LD or 0754 810 0770.