Two roles to fill in ‘Two Cities’

Encore Theatre Productions are staging Jill Santoriello’s A Tale of Two Cities, from the Charles Dickens novel, as presented on Broadway in 2008, and are working with the author to mark the show’s 10th anniversary. A Tale of Two Cities will be staged from 25 to 29 September.

Some of the best amateur performers in the area are involved with the production, which is sadly now short of two lead roles, following actors’ change of circumstances – families and hospitals. The roles are:

Mme Defarge, a French revolutionary wife and vengeful for past wrongs, so an angry and powerful performance with singing classed as ‘strong belt to E’. Probably 30+. Carries the title song.

John Barsad, a turncoat English spy and devious character who works for the Revolution as well as formerly spying for the aristocrats. Three large baritone singing numbers. Should be 50+ on stage, but wigs and make-up will widen this role’s age-range.