World Premiere for Redlynch Players

Redlynch Players’ 60th anniversary production will be a world premiere, no less: Miss Read’s Thrush Green, adapted for the stage by Ron Perry. It will be taking place in a marquee at Manor Farm Meadow, Hamptworth, between 24 and 27 May at 7.30.

It is 1 May 1960. The villagers of Thrush Green are eagerly anticipating the annual visit of Mrs Curdle and her travelling fair. In a play set during the course of one day, we follow their fortunes and friendships.

Local doctor’s wife, Winnie Bailey, takes us through the day as she encounters gossip in the local tea shop, young lovers re-united and the reality that this Mayday will be unlike any other. By the end of the day, as we leave Thrush Green, big decisions have been made.